The Poverty Premium – voices from the grassroots

School of ParticipationWe’re currently running a ‘School of Participation with people who are affected by the ‘Poverty Premium’. At the first session, people shared their thoughts about what poverty means, and what challenges they face at the moment.

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The power to empower!

Marco Spano from Italy is currently on a volunteer placement with Church Action on Poverty, learning about our Schools of Participation and other approaches to community empowerment. We asked him to share his reflections on his first training workshop:

“I attended a training on delivering Schools of Participation today and it was really interesting. The emphasis is on finding participant-led actions to address community issues. It reminded me that despite our personal problems, we are all part of wider communities and do have the power to unify and make our voice heard.”
(A participant)

I was at that training too, between 25 and 27 February, with many other great people: men, women, young people, adults, Muslims, Jews, Christians – everyone different and everyone with his or her own knowledge and skills.

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