Co-operative Society takes action on funeral poverty

Co-operative Funeral CareWe were delighted to hear that the Heart of England Co-operative Society has launched a new service to help people on low incomes manage the costs of funerals. This is great news in the light of our joint work with Quaker Social Action on the growing problem of funeral poverty.

You can read the full announcement from the Co-operative Society after the break.

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Tackling the Poverty Premium: combined solutions

Food, Fuel, FinanceChurch Action on Poverty’s ‘Food, Fuel, Finance’ programme is looking for creative, grassroots ideas that can help people on low incomes to pay fair prices for everyday necessities. 

Over recent months we’ve uncovered all kinds of exciting projects and ideas in communities across the UK. We’re now reflecting on them all and considering how we can best help to share the approaches more widely. 

While we complete that process, we’d like to share with you some of the inspirational ideas we’ve been exploring, in a series of blogs. This post will look at community retail hubs – which aim to tackle several aspects of the Poverty Premiuj with one combined solution.
(You can still read our previous posts about funeral poverty and food poverty.)

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