Tools to tackle inequality

What do a six-foot high bunch of flowers, a poster and a couple of tables have in common? They’re all amongst the tools that Quakers used earlier this month during Quaker Equality Week – a week of action to highlight the need to tackle economic inequality in Britain.

In this guest blog, Suzanne Ismail (Programme Manager, Economic Issues for Quaker Peace & Social Witness) shares some inspirational stories from the week.

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Food, fuel, finance: how communities can tackle the Poverty Premium

Food, Fuel, Finance reportThis Monday (8 December), we launched our new report Food, Fuel, Finance at an event in Glasgow. The report gives an overview of how the ‘Poverty Premium’ affects people’s lives, and recommends action which could be taken to tackle this injustice, by the governments in Westminster and Edinburgh.

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Sourced: students campaigning for Fair Taxes

SourcedTogether with several networks of Christian students, we’re supporting Christian Aid as they launch an exciting new campaign for tax justice in universities and colleges: Sourced. There are ways for both students and non-students to get involved. We asked Christian Aid to introduce the campaign.

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