Fairforyou: An affordable alternative to Brighthouse

Today sees the launch of Fairforyou – a new not-for-profit lending company, offering furniture and white goods at vastly cheaper prices than Brighthouse and other existing high cost lenders.

According to our independent cost comparison below, buying a Hotpoint fridge freezer will cost £584 from Fairforyou, compared with £1,326 from Brighthouse – an astonishing total cost saving of £742.

best buys FEB 2016

Fair for You aims to provide transparent and affordable credit for essential household items to families who do not have access to mainstream finance.  Established in 2015, Fair for You has carried out extensive market research among lower income households to develop affordable, flexible and responsible credit to meet their needs. Importantly, loans can be repaid early, with no penalty; customers are encouraged to overpay, which many do; and there are no added fees for missed payments. If Fair for You’s credit checks show affordability is an issue, applicants are encouraged to seek debt advice.

The following price comparison on a new Hotpoint fridge freezer reveals a huge difference in prices between the rent-to-own marketleader Brighthouse and the new social lender Fairforyou.

  • The purchase price alone of a new Hotpoint 60cm fridge freezer is £100 less at Fairforyou
  • The total purchase price, including delivery, installation and a 3 year warranty, is over £200 less with Fairforyou than Brighthouse
  • The total cost of credit, calculated on the basis of paying a fixed £8.50 per week, is dramatically lower with Fairforyou than Brighthouse. Whereas with Brighthouse repayment at £8.50 per week will take 156 weeks, and cost £658.74 in credit charges, with Fairforyou it will take just 69 weeks, and cost £120.38 in credit charges.
  • In total, buying a Hotpoint fridge freezer will cost £583.65 from Fairforyou, compared with £1,326 from Brighthouse – a total cost saving of £742.35.

“This price comparison demonstrates the huge savings consumers can make by purchasing comparable goods from Fairforyou rather than Brighthouse. Paying the same weekly amount, consumers can buy their fridge-freezer in 69 weeks with Fairforyou – but would have to carry on paying for a further 87 weeks to buy the identical item from Brighthouse.”  Niall Cooper, Director, Church Action on Poverty

Brighthouse1 FairforYou2
New Hotpoint 60cm fridge freezer FFUL1812 £478.33 £373.99
Delivery and installation £55.00 £8.40
3 year warranty £133.93 £80.883
Total purchase price £667.26 £463.27
Weekly payments £8.50 £8.50
Number of weeks 156 69
APR 69.9% 42.6%
Total cost of credit £658.74 £120.38
Total payable £1,326.00 £583.65


  1. Figures obtained from Brighthouse website, 1/2/16
  1. Figures supplied by Fair For You, 1/2/16
  2. Provided by Domestic and General. Online quote obtained, 1/2/16 Comparable level of cover to the compulsory ServicePlus cover provided by Brighthouse

2 thoughts on “Fairforyou: An affordable alternative to Brighthouse

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  2. I am just working on and MA assignment looking at the exploitation of the poor by companies like BrightHouse. I had compared the purchase of a BrightHouse cooker with the same one from Curry’s and found that the BrightHouse one cost nearly twice as much (in the same order as the fridge freezer in your example). Curry’s requirements for credit terms preclude many who are living in poverty and so wouldn’t be accessible for many people I work with, meaning they had no other choice than to use BrightHouse. This Fairforyou announcement is fantastic news. It would be fabulous if the scheme could continue to work at reducing the high apr as well (42.6% is still very high), but this is truly good news for the most vulnerable in our society.

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